The areas of the teaching group, so far, are as follows:

1) Race in the curriculum: to address issues that relate to teaching race: from curriculum diversification to teaching about race. We seek to explore how attention to race in the curriculum matters to both student experience and a greater understanding of geography.

2) Teaching and well-being: to address well-being and retention when the resilience for BME groups can be low. This also transcends the classroom into things like being a personal tutor. As part of this, we would like to consider the spectrum that is encompassed by ‘teaching’ and the spaces it takes place in.

We are in the process of putting together a subcommittee on teaching that focuses on organsing workshops and assembling teaching materials, including books, syllabi and web resources. If you have questions about teaching, please contact Dr James Esson, the head of the teaching subcommittee, or visit the Links page for resources.

So far, RACE members have contributed :

  • a special issue in AREA on race and teaching (forthcoming)
  • book chapters and articles on race and teaching for handbooks and journals
  • teaching orientated workshops and events, including pre-conference workshops at the RGS-IBG Annual Conferences
  • online teaching resources, including Global Social Theory and collaborative syllabi
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