RACE Black Archives in the UK Report 2019

Activist Len Garrison (second from right) and other campaigners calling for a BCA.
Image source: The Voice

In advance of our workshop at the Black Cultural Archives, here is our Black Archives in the UK Report: Opportunities, Challenges and Moving Forward. The report has been compiled by Natalie Hyacinth and was facilitated by Dr Pat Noxolo’s RGS-IBG research grant.

“The intention of this report is to provide an indicative mapping of Black focused archives in the UK. It attempts to provide snapshots of the diverse Black archives existing across the UK, as well as the opportunities and challenges Black archives currently experience in the UK. Through this mapping, the report seeks to provide an evaluation of the breadth of resources available to de-colonial, anti-racist and Black Minority Ethnic scholarship in the UK. Thus, the report intends to provide an overview of the UK’s Black archives, so as to strengthen the understanding of resources available, and how we may support and improve upon them.”

You can download the report here or through our ‘Documents’ section.


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