Dr Patricia Noxolo on (Post)COVID-19 Online Learning Opportunities & Dangers for Black Students & Staff

We have added a video to your teaching resources page. Dr Pat Noxolo’s talk on on (Post)COVID-19 Online Learning Opportunities & Dangers for Black Students & Staff was presented as part of the Decolonising the Curriculum symposium, led by University of Birmingham students (see image below). You can watch other contributions here.

In her talk, Pat Noxolo addresses three areas that have emerged in relation to teaching during the pandemic: 1) differences between face-to-face and online teaching, 2) surveillance, assessment and transparency, and 3) access, marginality and interactivity. Her key questions include:

  • What kind of tools do we use offline that we can continue to use online, in order to survive, thrive, struggle, change and challenge universities?
  • What new skills do we need to pool and acquire (as individuals and as communities)?
  • Are there distinctively black forms of digial expression?



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