Report: Supervising Black Geography PhD researchers in the UK

The report ‘Supervising Black Geography PhD researchers in the UK: Towards Good Practice Guidelines’, authored by Victoria Ogoegbunam Okoye, has now been added to our website. The report was produced with support from the Royal Geographical Society with Institute of British Geographers’
Ray Y. Gildea Jr. Award (awarded to Dr Patricia Noxolo, University of Birmingham).

You can access the report via the Documents section of the website, or directly via this link.

“This report summarizes research on the supervision of Black Geography PhD students in UK universities, to explore PhD students and supervisors’ experiences, as well as their perspectives of good practice in supervision. PhD supervision is one of the least-discussed areas of higher education teaching, despite its crucial role in nurturing the academic trajectories of PhD researchers. Scholars have documented the relatively low recruitment, low funding, and high withdrawal rates of Black PhD students across all disciplines (Williams et al, 2019). In particular, in Geography, there is a well-documented need for stronger recruitment and retention of Black PhD students (Desai, 2017), and especially as the discipline pushes for wider representation, including the development of the field of Black British Geographies (Noxolo 2020), becomes more urgent. This research and report aim to deepen understanding of the supervision experiences of Black PhD students in Geography and produce guidelines on best practices in supervision. This research and the development of guidelines for the supervision of Black Geography PhD students in this report, aim to benefit future Geography students, both PhD students and the undergraduates who learn from their research.The report discerns the supervision experiences of PhD researchers and the impacts of supervision styles and practices on Black PhD students’ recruitment, retention, and success. This report also gathers the research participants’ suggested guidelines on good practice in the supervision of Black Geography PhD researchers, drawn from Black PhD researchers’ and Black PhD supervisors’ own lived experiences and insights.”


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