Awards and Prizes

Photo taken from RGS-IBG website

1) RGS-IBG Medals and Awards

Congratulations to RACE members Patricia Daley, Divya Tolia-Kelly, Iram Sammar and Jo Norcup for their RGS-IBG Awards.

Congratulations also to Black Girls Hike UK C.I.C. for winning the Geographical Award ‘For enabling and empowering Black women and girls to connect with and enjoy being in the outdoors‘.

2) RGS-IBG Council Election

Congratulations to James Esson for getting elected as Councillor for Research and Higher Education.

3) RACE Dissertation Prize

Congratulations to Adwoa Amankona (UCL) for winning the 2021 RACE Dissertation Prize.

A big thank you to all the reviewers!

We will be posting some more information about some of the prize winners and their projects soon.


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