RACE grant successes

Members of the RACE Working Group have recently been successful in grant submissions. This will result in further group activities.

Dr Margaret Byron has received RGS-IBG funding for three workshops. The first workshop will be this year’s pre-conference event “Stories of Butetown: Linking Spaces” at the RGS-IBG Annual Meeting. Further workshops will take part in the Midlands.

Dr Anja Kanngieser and Dr Leon Sealey Huggins have received an Antipode Foundation grant for a project entitled “Frontiers of Environmental Justice: Building Transoceanic Solidarity Between the Pacific, the Caribbean and the UK.” The grant, as well as additional funding from the University of Warwick, supports a two day workshop that brings together “Pacific, Caribbean and UK climate justice activists and radical geographers concerned with environmental racism and the continuing geopolitical structures of inequality consequent to colonialism”.


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